High-School Supplies

High-School School Supplies: Checklist For All Grades

Starting high school is a big step. You'll need different things for classes, homework, and projects. This list of high-school school supplies will help you make sure you have everything you need from ninth to twelfth grade. Let’s look at the items that will help you do your best in high school.

General Supplies For Every Student

No matter what grade you are in, some things are always needed. A strong backpack will carry your books and lunch. A well-organized binder helps keep your papers neat. Pocket folders are great for holding homework for each class. Notebook dividers let you organize notes in your binder.

Colored pencils, No. 2 pencils, and a good eraser are must-haves for writing and drawing. Don’t forget a pencil sharpener and a pencil case to keep everything together. Pens in different colors, highlighters, and markers are also important for taking notes and marking important information.

Paper Supplies

You will also need lots of paper. Lined notebook paper is good for writing assignments. Graph paper is helpful for math. Spiral notebooks are great for taking notes in class. You might also need computer printer paper for reports. A flash drive lets you save your work and take it with you. Glue sticks and scissors are needed for project.

Staying healthy is important, so have hand sanitizer with you. A planner or organizer will help you keep track of homework and tests. Locker organizers can make your school locker more useful. You'll also need paper clips, a stapler, and a 3-hole punch for your papers.

Special Supplies For Each Grade

As you move through high school, your classes will need special items. Here’s what you might need for different subjects:

  • Math And Science: For math classes like Algebra and Geometry, a scientific calculator with a fraction key is important. If you take advanced math like Calculus, you might need a graphing calculator. For Biology and Chemistry, a science dictionary can be very helpful.
  • Languages And More: If you’re learning a foreign language, colored index cards are great for studying new words. A foreign language dictionary or an app on your smartphone can also help. Some students use an electronic translator.

Tools For Success

Having a laptop or a notebook computer can make doing homework easier. A smartphone can help you use educational apps and websites. A printer with scanning capabilities is very handy for printing assignments and creating study guides.

For group projects or studying Post-It™ Easel Pads can be very useful. They’re like big sticky notes you can use for brainstorming. A Smartpen by Livescribe is great for students who want to record lectures while taking notes. You can listen to the lecture again while looking at your notes.

Starting high school is exciting and a bit scary. But having the right high-school school supplies can make it easier. This list should help you get ready for a great year. Remember, it's always a good idea to check with your teachers to see if you need anything special for your classes.

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