About Us


In 2018, School Supply Boxes was formed with a simple aspiration: simplify the school supply buying process for parents and teachers and help create an active and successful learning environment. 

We understand the struggle and hassle of trying to purchase school supplies. Parents spend hours, sometimes days, fighting crowds at big box stores, scanning row after row of shelves to find the one specific item you need, the frustration of sold out items, and the dreaded phrase, “If it’s not on the shelf, we don’t have it.”  Shopping early might help, but who wants to shop for school supplies in July? And if you’re one of those last minute shoppers, you often have to take what you can find no matter if it might not be the best quality. We saw this and thought there had to be a better way.

After careful research, we came up with School Supply Boxes. Our idea was simple: bundle the basic necessities together in one easy to order box. No crowd fighting, no rushing, no driving to different stores. Order any time of the year you need supplies. We offer products in a wide variety of categories such as: Math Class, Organizers, Paper Products, Writing Tools, Colors & Markers, and Desk Supplies. 

Our products are quality tested in house to guarantee satisfaction for your student. If it doesn’t perform well for us, it doesn’t get sold to the people who depend on the supplies the most. We take pride in everything from the products we sell to the actual school supply box.

In 2019, we launched our “Supply Your School” program. Our goal is to work with schools and teachers directly to get their insight on their classroom needs in order to make the school year run smoothly. Supplies are delivered directly to the school with a label displaying the student’s name and grade level. Inside each bundle there is a “packing list” to ensure that all products are properly received. With the first school we supplied, parents were excited at the time our program saved them and the quality of products their children received.

We created a faster and more efficient way to shop for parents to school supplies and knew we could do even better by using the same program as a fundraiser as well. The Supply Your School program donates 5% of all sales back to the school’s PTO program. Schools have the option to receive their donation in a few ways including additional school supplies, a donation to a charity event in their district, or in the form of a monetary donation for the school. 

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