School Supply Boxes

Back to School Essential Math Supplies Kit - 38 Pieces

  • Finding everything you need for school shouldn't be as complex as college algebra.
  • This bundle designed for math classes includes (1) 12" wooden ruler, (1) protractor, (1) scientific calculator, and (1) pk loose leaf graph paper.
  • Keep your assignments and notes organized with (1) 1" binder, (2) 3 pronged pocket folders, (1) pk college ruled loose leaf paper, (1) college ruled 3-subject spiral notebook, (1) college ruled spiral notebook, (1) 5 Tab plastic divider, and (2) Kleenex pocket packs.
  • The bundle has you covered with all the writing tools and accessories you might need for class including (1) pencil bag, (2) pin erasers, (6) BIC mechanical pencils, (2) 0.7mm lead refills, (2) 100ct index cards, (2) yellow highlighters, (9) BIC ballpoint pens (3 black, blue, and red each), and (2) 100ct sticky notes.
  • Grab this box for the math nerd studying algebra, calculous, statistics, finance, and geometry. The school it is also great for math teachers, middle school teachers, high school teachers, and math tutors. Bulk school supplies make back to school shopping easy, saving parents time and money. Grab one for your middle school, junior high, high school, or college student.