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School Supply Boxes: A Safer Way to Buy School Supplies During the Global Pandemic
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School Supply Boxes: A Safer Way to Buy School Supplies During the Global Pandemic

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          As we inch closer and closer to the start of the fall semester of the 2020 school year, parents are understandably worried about sending their children back to school while cases of covid-19 have begun surging in the south and all over the country. With so many school districts scrambling to figure out the best procedures and precautions to take to keep students as safe as possible, many parents are divided on the topic of sending kids back to school.

          There is no solid plan about how kids will be able to attend even if parents choose to send them to campus. It is certain that many schools will continue to provide online classes for students who remain home, though many teachers are worried about how the covid-slide and how the lack of classroom instruction will affect many of their students. 

           If one thing is for certain, however, it is that school will return in some sort of fashion and when that time comes, kids will need to be prepared. But as recent events have shown, people have grown tired of all the social distancing, wearing masks, and constantly sanitizing their hands. Not only has it led to a case of people having apathy for their safety and the safety of others, but there has been no shortage of people openly expressing their frustrations and opinions on the situation. 

          So, how can parents stay safe and still manage to make sure all of their children have the supplies they need to start the school year? The answer is simple: premade school supply kits.

What are School Supply Kits?

          Essentially, school supply kits are boxes filled with common school supplies you’ll find on a school supply list. Many big box stores like Walmart, Office Depot, and Staples, will fill small cardboard boxes with things like glue, pencils, crayons, and other common supplies and sell them as part of a boxed set, eliminating the need to run around for a bunch of supplies.

          Usually, not everything on your child’s school supply list will be in one of these boxes and, of course, the larger the kit the higher the price.

          However, because school supply kits are relatively new in the educational world, the quality of these kits can vary greatly. Many of those same big box stores, and some online stores that specialize in kits, save money by simply using lower quality school supplies instead of using brand name. Many also use their own brands of supplies to keep costs down while still charging a premium price because of the convenience.

Where Many Kits Get it Wrong

          Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you that it’s almost never a good idea to skimp on school supplies if it’s not completely necessary, especially when it comes to art supplies like crayons and markers. 

          The reason being is that ultimately “you get what you pay for.” Nothing is more true than when it comes to art supplies. Not all crayons and markers are created equal. In fact, buying colors other than Crayola can lead to some issues in the classroom. Many off-brand art supplies have been reported by teachers to be poor quality when it comes to color accuracy and durability, which could ultimately end up costing you in the long run when you have to replace them.

          This is one of the major areas where school supply kits fail. Many makers of these kits buy from wholesalers who manufacture poor quality supplies that ultimately end up on store shelves and sold for pennies. Many school supply kit companies buy these cheaper quality products, place them in cardboard boxes with fancy graphics and heavily market them towards parents as the convenient shopping alternative. 

          Of course, who wouldn’t want to buy something that takes the hassle out of shopping? The end result is your child being sent to school with low quality school supplies you’ll end up having to replace in a short amount of time. 

          The other major issue is a complete lack of research. Many of these big box stores and kit makers rarely do any research when it comes to creating kits. They simply place a few items in a box they think kids will need for school and sell it as a package. Need something with more supplies? You need to buy a bigger package. Eventually, buying a school supply kit becomes an expensive convenient way to buy low quality items from a company that is basically just guessing. You realize you were better off buying things individually.

How to Get It Right

          So, how do you know you’re getting a quality kit with the right school supplies? It all starts by examining the kit you’re buying. The first thing to look for is name brand products you recognize, especially art supplies. Seeing a brand like Crayola will give you a great first sign that the people making the school supply kits actually care about the quality of the supplies they’re selling.

          Another important sign is the variety of supplies in a bundle. Are there multiple products in the kit versus just a handful? Is there a good mixture of products that cover multiple items on your supply list? And finally, is the price reasonable for what you would pay if you bought them all individually in a store? If yes, you’re definitely in the right place.

          Being able to build your own custom box is another great sign of a quality company. While a company that's done its research usually has different kits to cover different grades and subjects, your kids will eventually run out of supplies and there’s no sense buying a giant bundle of things they don’t need. Being able to build your own bundle with only the specific supplies is incredibly convenient, especially when they're quality products.

          But by far the best thing a company can do is work directly with schools and build custom kits that remove the need for sending out school supply lists at all. Programs like School Supply Boxes’ “Supply Your School” program allow schools to work with the company and creates school supply kits specifically for their school.

A New Way to Shop for School Supplies

          With the pandemic unfortunately still going strong in many places of the country, shopping for school supplies is likely the last thing parents want to think about. Most of all, many health professionals caution against going out unless it’s absolutely necessary, especially without wearing a mask in areas where there is a spike of covid-19 cases.

          School Supply Boxes has practically revamped the way parents shop for school supplies. The company has packages for elementary school, middle school, high school, even and college. There are also packages for math, writing, and art classes. And of course, the company allows you to build your own custom school supply box in case you want to build your own or simply shop for more supplies. 

          Best of all, your child’s school supplies will ship straight to your door. This is by far the safest way to shop for school supplies during a time of covid-19. And with so many schools unsure when their schools will open and what instruction will look like for the fall semester, parents will want to make sure their kids have some supplies if and when the school bell rings again.

          School Supply Boxes isn’t just providing a convenient way to shop for school supplies. It’s also providing parents with a newer, faster, and safer way to shop for school supplies as we all become adjusted to the new normal. As we all wait to hear how school will play out, it’s important that we all keep our families as safe as possible during these uncertain times.

           School Supply Boxes has done the best they can to create a standard for all other school supply kit companies. When it comes to learning, your child’s school supplies are just as important as their education. Give your kids the proper tools they need in order to succeed in the classroom.